Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pretty {Little} Pouch Swap

The Pretty {Little} Pouch Swap might be one of my very favorites on Flickr. Pouches are great - they're smaller than a bag, so come together quicker, which suits my desire for instant gratification. And they're so versatile - they can hold cosmetics, or toys, or sewing supplies. Or, if they're large enough, they can even hold the contents of my purse. Like this.

I carry a big hulking wallet, and it takes a decent sized pouch to hold it. And Jen made me exactly that. This pouch is just gorgeous. A little Ruby Star and a little hand stitching and suddenly I have the most amazing bag. But Jen didn't stop there. Knowing that orange is one of my favorite colors, she thoughtfully included some amazing orange goodies - some lovely orange scraps, an orange zipper, and a length of orange butcher twine.

Oh, I love it all - thank you so much, Jen!

On the other end of the swap, my partner was Molly, who made a this inspiration mosaic for me. She said she was groovin' on these colors, liked linen, and wanted me to err on the side of too simple rather than overly fussy. So I made her this.

I do hope you like it, Molly. It was loads of fun creating for you.

I'm kind of sad that the swap is over already and I'm already looking forward to the next round!


Kelly said...

Lucky duck! I'm so happy you're enjoying this swap. I think we all love that pouches are small and can be made in one evening if necessary! :) I know we'll have another round in the fall!

Jacey said...

Total score! I wish I had been able to participate in round two, because it is definitely an amazing swap. I hope to get back in for round three, though! These are both lovely, Jules.

Live a Colorful Life said...

They are both amazing! Are those frames hard to work with? They LOOK hard!