Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Hope Quilts

Last year I made some quilts for Quilts for Kids and I really enjoyed knowing that the quilts I was making were going to bring joy to some kids who could really use a smile. I did it around Christmas and while it was lovely to sew philanthropically during the holidays, it's also such a crazy time of year. This year I decided to take advantage of the summer lull to get my sewing done for this organization.

I didn't request one of their fabric kits this year - I have so much fabric on hand that I decided to stashbust a bit. In going through my stash, I realized that I had a lot of fabric lying around that wasn't my style and wasn't getting used. Some of it had been gifted to me as part of swaps and just wasn't my taste. Others were prints that I had bought ages ago and had since fallen out of lust with. But they were fine prints, so I decided to pair them with some of my favorites and make a quilt that I really love.

One of the prints that I love and included in this quilt is a Sweetwater text print. I love Sweetwater so much and "hope" seems so apropos for a quilt for ailing children, so it was a perfect addition to this quilt.

This quilt is quilted with a random curly, loopy pattern - the first time I quilted like this. It's less dense quilting than a meandering stipple, but still crinkles up evenly and I love the technique. I call this one simply "Hope."

As I was finishing up this quilt, I attended the Long Beach International Quilt festival, where I met Carrie. I love her and her amazing patterns. Her booth was filled with the same charm and fun that is her personality.

I was so taken with her Wonky Little Houses quilt - it's the quilt that's on the cover of her pattern of the same name and it was the cornerstone of her booth. It is so gorgeous with inspired fabric choices, whimsical quilting, and the very essence of what "cozy" should be. I couldn't think of a better pattern to use for a Quilts for Kids quilt. I used a bunch of my favorite scraps and took many cues from Carrie, including a grey sky, a pieced grass area, and multiple quilting styles. Really, her quilt was so amazing that I wanted to replicate it as closely as I could.

I added a a border, but otherwise kept very true to Carrie's pattern. In keeping with with the "hope" theme, this quilt features a piece of the Sweetwater fabric inside one of the homes, from which comes the name "Hope in Houses."

The sky is quilted with a meandering stipple, the houses are outlined but otherwise unquilted, and the grass is quilted with random intersecting lines. It's hard to give this one up and I do hope that it will make someone as happy as it makes me. I see a lot of Wonky Little Houses quilts in my future.

I do encourage all of my quilty friends to donate a quilt or two to Quilts for Kids. It's a worthy cause and if you're anything like me, you have at least one quilt (or the fabric to make a quilt) lying around your studio just waiting to be used. Or contact the organization directly and order a fabric kit. Or both. Really.


Jacey said...

Both of your new quilts are adorable, and I especially love the Wonky Houses one. I agree that this is a worthy cause, and I'm going to commit to sending a quilt before Christmas. I think I can manage that.

Live a Colorful Life said...

I have Carrie's pattern and love it. Your quilts are amazing! Especially with that added special touch of the "hope" fabric. I will definitely check out their link.

Jenny said...

thanks for introducing me to Carrie's pattenrs, they are new to me, and i love wonky houses!

but please explain to me how you can be so productive?? you can, you bake, you sew, you quilt...seriously, do you sleep?

such said...

Oh my goodness, what a lovely and fabulous Wonky Village! I am so honored that you used my pattern to donate to such an amazing cause. And I am inspired by your giving and will hope to follow suit. It really is thrilling to see your quilt as your is the very first I have seen finished by anyone but me! THANK YOU. ANs I lov ethe addition of the text fabric and "hope." wow.

such said...

and BTW, the border is such a nice addition. I LOVE the border. LOVE.

Anonymous said...

Cool! I have never heard of Quilts for Kids, I will have to check it out.