Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Garden Progress

My garden continues to flourish and I continue to be amazed. It's been just under two months since this and I'm really enjoying the fruits of my labor.

The greens are doing great. I have no idea what was in the baby green mix I planted, but there are some crazy spicy greens in there. The beans continue to be abundant; the kids are especially fond of the purple ones. And the cucumbers come faster than I can eat them.

Lots more is on the horizon, too. The bell peppers that were part of my container garden last year wintered fine and are thriving in the new location. I *think* they will be purple when they're ripe, which will please the kids.

The pumpkin that are taking over the garden (note to self: next year, plant all vines in a separate bed) are starting to fruit - there are at least a half dozen of them and I don't think they're done yet. I'm really pleased that they are growing and will have a hard time deciding whether to cook with them or decorate with them come autumn.

And lastly, my darling Ambrosia Cantaloupe. I had no desire to plant melons, but Bean was begging for them, so I ran with it. They made lovely vines with lots of flowers, but for nearly two months, there was no fruit to be found. Until today. This is largest of the three melons and we are PSYCHED to see them. Bean's already asking if they are ripe.

In less happy garden news, my tomatoes refuse to ripen. Lovely fat green tomatoes started showing up a month ago and they are no less green today. The caterpillars seem to think that these gems are for them and they are chowing down. I've fried a few of the green ones, but I'm the only one in my house who likes fried green tomatoes (how can that even be?). Plus, frying fresh produce kind of defeats the purpose. I really hope that they ripen up before they all get eaten by the critters.

What's thriving in your garden? And is it just me, or are you already thinking about your winter garden? It's been 106 here for a week and all I can think about is planting a ton of cruciferous veggies.


April said...

I had the same problem with my tomatoes last year. They took their sweet time ripening. When I told a friend of mine who is an excellent gardener, she said I needed to stress the plant out a bit. So I went out, trimmed off a few branches, and a few days later, red tomatoes. Good luck!
April Rosenthal

Anonymous said...

I have some serious garden envy right now. :) That looks great! Mine is dead, dead, dead.

Jacey said...

I know you'll think I'm crazy for this (especially since I've lived in Texas all of my life), but I just had my first fried green tomato yesterday. Your garden offerings look wonderful. I'm intrigued by that melon!

Monkeys in my pocket said...

You could make green tomato pickles! Are you sure they are caterpillars doing that? Isn't there a naughty fly that bores into them or something? (i think there is here in Aus.) Everything looks fantastic though!