Thursday, July 14, 2011

First Harvest

Oh my - I'm not sure where I lost my brown thumb, but I seem to have misplaced it. Do you remember what my fledgling garden looked like a mere month ago? Let me refresh you.

What a difference a month (A SINGLE MONTH!!) makes.

(Do you love my firefighter in the background? I love him.)

I'm so proud of my little garden. I actually had to rip out two of my four pumpkin pants that were started from seed because OHMYGOD those things are large and invasive. The spinach isn't doing well - I'm guessing it's way too hot for it, so I will enjoy the tiny sprouts that I have now and will try it again in the fall. Other than that, things are growing happily.

We had our first mini-harvest today - a cucumber, some radishes, a bunch of basil, the tiniest bowl of spinach you ever saw, and some pea shoots, which I probably shouldn't have picked, but couldn't resist.

Lots of tomatoes are on the way, as are more cucumbers. I'm looking forward to what the next month brings to our plates. I was late in starting this garden, so my harvest is a bit behind the curve. If you're gardening, I'd love to know what you're harvesting now.


Dan R said...


MG said...

Up here in the SF Bay Area, our weather just s&*#ked this spring/early summer, so we are not harvesting anything yet. Green beans, tomatoes, and zucchini look to be on their way. Fingers crossed that the sun comes out for more than an hour or two and warms up the soil(and the humans) a bit.

DevonMaid said...

Here in the UK I'm harvesting broad beans and cabbage. The strawberries and raspberries are over, the runner beans and courgettes still to come.

Monkeys in my pocket said...

It's fantastic! Can't beat a kitchen garden!

Amy said...

How wonderful! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Your garden looks great! I think you my have lost your brown thumb for good!