Monday, June 13, 2011

Teacher Gifts

And just like that, school is out for the year. I'm not sure how nearly 6 months have come and gone but school is over and summer is here. I stashbusted to make some Jane Market Bags as teacher gifts this year. I wasn't brave enough to let the kids choose the fabrics that they wanted for their teachers' bags, but I did give them the option of choosing which bag went to which teacher (though I did pull aside the red one for myself ahead of time).

If you don't own this pattern, go buy it now.
Right. Now.

It's such a great pattern to have - easy to follow, with clear, simple instructions. The finished product looks gorgeous, folds up nicely, and has so many applications besides being used for groceries. I use mine all the time - earlier today it held a towel and swim trunks for Bean's swim lesson. The day before that, I used it to take some returns back to Target. Tomorrow will be a different day with a different use.


Jacey said...

I made some of my own this weekend. They're so much fun! Also, your binding tutorial looks great. Thanks for sharing, Jules!

Ms. Knitpicky said...

Lovely teacher gifts!

... said...

Gorgeous. xo

Jessy said...

Cute! Maybe this is a small enough project that even I could take on?