Friday, June 17, 2011

Selvage Table Runner

My kitchen table is a heavy wooden piece. Once upon a lifetime ago, it had a lovely medium-dark stain. And then we had kids.

Like all kids, when Bean transitioned from a highchair to a booster, he was a messy eater. The area in front of his seat got wiped down more often than any of the other areas of the table. We removed his drips and crumbs and also a lot of the wood stain. After some time, we had a lovely medium-dark stained table with a lightly stained area in front of Bean's chair. I moved him to a different seat and then another at the table in order to mitigate the concentrated stain loss in front of his seat.

When Sprout moved from a highchair to a booster, we had the same problem and she was moved from seat to seat around the table until I was left with a table that was stained a lovely medium-brown in the center and a light brown around the perimeter.

I told myself that this was okay. The table had a rustic feel to begin with, having only been stained but not varnished. The uneven stain simply enhanced the rustic effect. But the table has had a lot of other abuse love lavished on it in the years since we had kids.

There was the time period that Bean realized that forks make the coolest little divots in soft wood. And that time that Sprout had a blast coloring, sometimes on her paper and sometimes not, with red washable marker (note to self: washable markers are washable off of people but not off of tables).

At this point, there's no denying that my table can no longer even pull off "rustic." It's just annihilated. And while a table runner doesn't cover the whole thing, it pulls your eye to the pretty fabric rather than the disaster that is my kitchen table.

It's 17"x44" and covers a good portion of the table. It's made with my beloved selvages, is sashed in Kona Black, and is bound with Moda Hoopla Dots in Pink.

It was inspired by these great blocks, which are in my gallery of really cool projects that I'd like to tackle. I'm so happy to have this on my table.


Amy said...

You describe my table really well too. We also learned that pizza boxes and ruin the finish on the table and that the text from the wipes bag (they use them to clean up before getting down from the table) transfer to the table. Ugh. I like your runner!

Jacey said...

Great solution! Plus, you got to use more of your beloved selvages.

Live a Colorful Life said...

Will it shock you to find out that I love Love LOVE this table runner with the selvages???!

Beth said...

what a grand solution! I love that you used some of your fav selvages, and the black realyl makes them pop! We have a very heavy solid oak kitchen table that has been through 3 generations of children. It has seen lots of 'love' too!

Anonymous said...

Nice runner! It is so cool that you actually tackle the projects in your to-do files. We just swapped out our beat up table for a fancier one - I am scared!