Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gardening with a Brown Thumb

It is no secret in my house that although I have grand visions of gardening like this, the reality is that I have the power to kill plants just by looking at them.

Earlier this season, the kids and I planted seeds in little peat pots. Much to our delight, little sprouts appeared.

The little plants soon became too big for the peat pots - too much root structure and not enough space. And before they could be transplanted to some larger pots, they died, leaving long crispy stems as a reminder of the bounty that could have been.

So this year, for the first time, I created an in-ground garden in my under-utilized side yard. The bed is about 4'x17'. Bean and Sprout helped me plant some seedlings that we bought - tomatoes, basil, and melon (at Bean's request). We're also giving a second go at the seeds we I killed earlier this season - spinach, beans, snap peas, pumpkin, radishes, beets, and corn (at Sprout's request).

Here she is. I put some bird netting around the perimeter of the bed - we have opossums, raccoons, and skunks in my neighborhood and they all like tasty morsels. I'm *hoping* this keeps them at bay. I'm also hoping that I remember to water my veggies and not kill the whole lot of them.

Keep your fingers (and green thumbs) crossed for me. I'll keep you updated with my progress (even if I fail miserably). In the mean time, if you have any gardening tips, please do send them my way.


Jacey said...

I happily planted a blackberry bush this spring, and I'm afraid it's on it's last leg. It's just been so hot and terribly dry; I keep watering it, but it never seems to be enough!

I hope this is your lucky gardening year!

Anonymous said...

great garden can spread a few mothballs to keep out critters...know they are stinky, but they are supposed to work M

Amy said...

We have critter problems too! Hang in there...I hope you will link to my Garden Tour on Sunday :)

mblittle5 said...

Good luck with your garden. I always tell people I'm a "Darwinian" gardener - I stick things in the ground, if they grow, I'll plant more; if they die, they were never meant to be in my yard, LOL.

Jessy said...

I buy live ladybugs for my garden every year and I swear by it. But then, you might not have aphid problems there. Good luck, it looks great! I think that every year you grow veggies you get better at knowing what works in your particular situation, so it just gets better and better. Love it!

Anonymous said...

I am convinced those little peat pots are deathtraps. I think they remove the moisture from the soil and let it evaporate. The only way I have found to avoid this is to over-water; then, they mold and rot. I bet you don't have a brown thumb at all!