Saturday, May 21, 2011

Swaps Recieved

I must have been a saint or a magical unicorn or something else divine and lovely in a former life, because Karma is really shining on me this week.

Earlier this week, I received my ALFALC (A Little Fabric, A Little Chocolate) package from Lesley. She is such a thoughtful swapper - lots of amazing goodies that were inspired by or lifted from my wish list.

Look at these amazing goodies - a stack of fabric that includes the Sweetwater that I've had my eyes on. A whole lotta OOP Heather Ross. Her handmade enclosure cards. A sweet little pouch edged with selvage (swoon - she really knows how to make my crafting heart sing). All of that PLUS a cute mushroom clippie, a little notebook, and the requisite chocolates. A huge thanks for such a thoughtful and generous package.

Meanwhile, my pouch for the Pretty {Little} Pouch swap arrived today from Amber. Oh, I am simply speechless. Let me preface the photo of the pouch by saying the rules of this swap indicate that you need to send a pouch. One pouch. That is all.

I got three pouches. Three amazing, perfect pouches. And two FQs. And buttons. And Post-Its and vintage postcards from Hawaii. All wrapped up in a Chocolate Lollipop selvage. Fantastical.

Each pouch features a lovely wonky star with a Japanese print for the [teeny tiny] center. The two larger blocks feature square-in-square frames and straight line quilting. The little little pouch has a variety of quilting - straight lines, concentric squares, and random graphic quilting. Oh, these are fun little gems.

Another thanks to Lesley and Amber and also to the universe for pairing me up with such great women.


Jenny said...

yes indeed...what a treasure trove! i keep thinking i should sign up for ALFALC but never do....
and I saw amber's post on these beautiful pouchs! lucky you!!

Jacey said...

Ooh, you totally scored with the PLP swap! I just love your pouch(es)!