Monday, May 16, 2011

Blogging Haitus - Over

I was on such a roll - rolling out lots of new quilts and posting about them all. Then I realized that the post on my Flying Geese Quilt happened to be my 100th post and I realized how much sewing I'd done this month and I dunno. I got tired.

It seemed silly to call attention to my 101st blog post. I was too burnt out to start any of the new quilts that I've been prepping. So I've kind of been hiding under a rock and posting the odd photo on my Flickr stream.

Meanwhile, I have gotten some crafting done in the past few weeks. I finished my Pretty {Little} Pouch Swap pouch for Meg. She loves patchwork, linen, and Zakka and had indicated that a cosmetic bag lined with some laminated cotton might be nice. I didn't think to take a photo of the inside (a laminated Modern Workshop print), but here's the exterior.

I like this one a lot and found that today's laminated cotton is much thinner and easier to work with than the stuff I bought 3 years ago. I see a lot more of these little bags in my future. It was especially rewarding sewing for Meg - we had been partnered last summer for round one of the Scrappy Mug Rug Swap and she made me this lovely rug. It was fun to return the crafting favor.

I also made a set of place mats for Melissa for the LAMQG Home Goods Swap. She has been loving Orla Kiley prints and while this Max and Whiskers for Moda isn't exactly Orla, it does kinda have the same vibe.

Photo courtesy of Melissa
Her photo of them was much better than mine - she even got Explored with this shot!

And now, with these little projects completed, I'm feeling rejuvenated. I just ordered the sashing for this quilt (oh, I love you so) and I expect to start piecing it soon. Keep your eyes peeled!


Amy said...

What a good idea to use laminate inside. I was thinking of trying one like that but chickened out. I will have to give it a try.

Jenny said...

oooh, what backing are you using? pink heath? i havent ordered from is a long while...the temptation is too great to just keep piling it into my cart!

Sew I Was Thinking... said...

Dang! I was hoping that pouch was mine. I love the idea of laminate inside. OK, so you're about to find out how lame I am... how in the world did you figure out I was Explored? I didn't even know that or what that means for that matter..

Meg said...

I really, really love my pouch! My girls are totally jealous of it too. They love the Little Red ribbon

KaHolly said...

Can you share where you found the pattern for this sweet zippered pouch.