Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Valentine's Day That Was

According to my calendar, it's February 15, which means that I missed posting my Valentine's Day post on Valentine's Day. Oops. That's what running after two kids will get ya.

Bean had a class party that the room parents arranged; I was responsible for one snack and two gift bag items. For snack, I made red Jello Jigglers hearts.

Favors were heart shaped melt-and-pour soaps, since they went over so well last year. This year, I put them in sewn paper pouches based on Anna's tutorial. I have so much leftover patterned paper from my scrapbooking days, and it was nice to put it to good use.

Additionally, in lieu of candy, I put these labels on some red apples and sent the kids home with them. Aren't they great? I want to label all of our produce with them.

Lastly, we printed off these Valentines for Bean's classmates. I was so proud of my boy - this was the first year that he could write all of his friends' names on their cards. He had me transcribe a special note to his teacher, which was totally adorable - he was definitely feeling the Valentine's Day love.


Daddy Geek Boy said...

I adore the way you go above and beyond for our kids.

Chicken Julie said...

I adore you. Awww... shmoopy....