Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Painbox Quilt

Goodness, I didn't think I'd ever finish this one. I've been a member of Flickr for quite a while, but didn't really get involved with the community until I started Elizabeth's Paintbox Quilt Along last January. I dutifully made my squares in time with the group. And then let the stack of them collect dust for many months.

In an effort to clear my studio of the many languishing projects stuffed in bins, I finally got this quilt done.

I love this quilt - bright and cheery and colors that wouldn't ordinarily use together. It's the perfect quilt for the kids' playroom.

I used straight line quilting - double lines of quilting run through the sashing. I find that I'm really liking the drape of this kind of quilting - the quilts that I stipple end up being slightly stiffer than this more open type of quilting. I accented the machine quilting with a bit of hand quilting - my first attempt at it. While my stitches are a bit wonky, I do like the overall look that it gives the quilt.

I as I laid out all of the squares, I realized that there were a handful that I didn't care for when combined with the rest of the lot, so I pulled them and made Sprout a doll quilt. It was an opportunity to practice some big loopy quilted flowers and machine stitched binding - neither of which I am good at. My sloppy handiwork was lost on my little girl, who proclaimed, "I like the colors and my dolly likes the flowers." You're welcome, sweetie.

With the missing squares, my quilt ended up being roughly 51"x58" which has proven to be the perfect size to cover me and a child on my lap as we read books on a rainy day.


allertadele said...

Fantastic quilts, Love the back too.

Bry said...

They both look fantastic! And I love the effect the hand quilting gives. So pretty!

SewAmy said...

so pretty, I love the look at the hand stitching. It gives it more character.

Jacey said...

They are both beautiful. I would love to make a paintbox quilt someday.

scarves said...
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