Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cleaning Out the Scraps

It's only natural that the New Year brings one's thoughts to resolutions. I, like most, have tons of them. I know that I will not have the willpower to keep most of them, but to keep my on track with my crafty resolutions, I joined this group on Flickr. They are helping the lot of us become more dedicated to using more of our stashed fabric and buying less (or no!) new fabric this year.

In order to use what I have, I realized that I first need to *know* what I have, so I've been taking inventory of my stash this week. I started with my scrap pile - a gnarly and overwhelming mass of lovely little bits.

I first separated out strip-sized pieces, which can be used for, among other things, spiderwebs, string quilts, and log cabins. I love the way they look in their ROY G. BIV layout.

I cut the rest of the scraps into either 4.5" squares or 3" squares and threw everything else out, save for some teeny tiny cuts of Japanese and OOP/HTF fabric. And what was once a giant heap on my sewing table now looks like this.

This all took a few hours, but it was well worth my time, as I now have the makings of quite a few quilts here, as well as a new pile of found selvages.

In the next few days, you'll see more of my stash and hear more about my crafting and stash goals for the year. Please feel free to share your goals here (I'm always looking for more inspiration!) and do join StashPact11 on Flickr.


Crystal said...

You could always use the smaller scraps for a ticker tape :)

andie said...

Very inspiring. I need to do the same. I only started quilting just over a year ago and I still need to get my things in order already. I need to drag my scrap bin in front of the tv and get things in order during my evening viewing.

Jacey said...

I did some scrap diving last night as well. You did a great job paring them down to a manageable stack, and I'm glad to hear you got some selvages out of the deal.