Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lovely Gift Packaging

I came across this brilliant idea late last week on the Woman with Wings blog by way of Ohdeedoh. I am so hooked, and spent the greater part of my Sunday afternoon scouring the house for paper bags and digging out my old scrapbook supplies.

I love these gift bags. They can be made to exactly the size of your gift or you can make a bunch of them ahead of time in various sizes. It's a good way to re-purpose some of those extra paper bags that I shouldn't even have in my house since I always remember to bring my cloth bags that always seem to by lying around.

I'll be offering gift wrapping in this style through my store for a small fee, but from now until the end of January, enter "giftwrap" in the Notes to Seller and your item will ship wrapped up in one of these upcycled and reusable bags.


woman with wings said...

Hi Julie, I set up a link on my tutorial so people can come take a look-see here, too!

Dan Rouse said...

Those are great!