Monday, December 27, 2010

Finishing up the Year - Sprinkling of Hexagons

Up next in my "finally finished" pile is this baby girl quilt. Hexies seemed to be all the rage this summer and while I couldn't imagine doing a whole quilt out of hand-stitched hexagons, I did want to join the hexie bandwagon - just a little. A summer trip to visit family during which I wouldn't have access to a sewing machine (what's a girl to do?) seemed like the perfect opportunity to do just a bit of hand-stitching. This quilt was inspired quite literally from Ashley's quilt. Ashley is such an inspiration - she consistently creates amazing work.

The back of the quilt was made using some extra strips that had already been pieced for this quilt. I really liked this color combination the first time around and I once again find myself loving on it. It's girly without being cloying - perfect for the modern baby girl.

As for the quilting, I was really hesitant going into this project, as I knew I'd have to use a pale, contrasting thread. If I used a grey to match the background I'd have had unsightly grey lines running through my hexies. But by using a lighter thread (a very pale pink) to do the quilting, I knew that the contrast stitching would be very prominent and any mistakes would be quite visible. That said, the sewing gods seemed to be on my side, I made very few errors, and I'm really happy with how the quilting looks.

The finished size of the quilt is 33"x42" and the binding is hand-stitched. Now listed in the shop.
UPDATE - Quilt has sold!

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Jacey said...

The quilt is adorable, and your quilting looks really even! I still haven't tried freemotion, but it's a 2011 goal.