Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Finishing up the Year - The Selvage Quilt

Okay, so this one isn't done yet, but I did work on it a lot this week. I added 14 more squares, which brings my tally to 49 completed squares. And here it is, in it's current glory.

My original plan was to make it a large throw with a final size of 63"x81", which would require just two more rows, or 14 more blocks. However, certain people have been urging me to make it twin size. Their logic is that this is a once-in-a-lifetime quilt. It's taken a lot of effort to amass so many selvages and who's to say when or if I'll be able to do this again. So why not make a more functional quilt; with a twin quilt, I'd still be able to cozy up with it on the couch, but could also use it on a bed. This would require an additional 17 blocks *beyond* the aforementioned 14 - one more row and one more column. Finished size will be 72"x90", which will be the largest quilt that I've made.

So 49 blocks down and 31 to go. That's a lot more selvage I still need. Should you have extra, please let me know - I'm happy to trade fabric for selvage.


DGB said...

Just think of me like a coach in a underdog sports movie, who makes an inspiring speech at the end to goad his team on to victory.

Yea selvage!!

sew and so much more said...

Just keep swimming Jules! Before you know it you'll have one beautiful bedsized quilt!! You are a great inspiration to me...I love everything you make...can't wait to see this one finished!

Jacey said...

I've actually been cutting selvage for you, but I didn't know about the half-inch extension. I'll be sure to correct that for future cuts! This quilt is going to be amazing, and I have to agree that you should push onward for a bigger quilt. It really is a thing of beauty, Julie!

Emily said...

I just finished laying out my 80 string blocks in anticipation of sewing them together. Funny thing is, I totally was thinking of making it bed sized for the same reason. After 80 blocks, though, I think if I see another string in the near future I might scream.

Your quilt is beautiful! I love the composition.