Sunday, December 26, 2010

Finishing up the Year - Couch Pillows

With a week left to the year, I realize that I have a huge stack of half-finished projects from 2010 (no comments from my husband about half-finished projects, please). I'm trying desperately to finish some of them up so that I can start fresh(er) in the New Year.

After I finished this quilt top, I realized that I had a lot of scraps left, so I decided to make some matching pillow covers. They were made months ago and the completed tops were added to my (large) WIP pile. This week, I dug them out, quilted them, and added envelope backs. I wish I had the patience or foot to do invisible zippers - maybe another day.

Each pillow is different - a different pattern and also different quilting. The string top is quilted with a meandering stipple, the Chopped Vegetables top is quilted with dense straight line quilting in the negative space, and the HST top features diagonal quilting. I *think* the matching prints keep them unified enough.

They also feature a matching band of green fabric on the back of the envelope that you can see in the below photo if you squint and cock your head just right.

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