Monday, October 25, 2010

I-Spy Quilt

I had been given some adorable little I-Spy squares in an ALFALC swap earlier this year. I'd been seeing adorable I-spy quilts all over Flickr, but most of them felt a bit busy for my tastes. That said, I really was feeling the urge to make one and the arrival of these squares in my mailbox kind of sealed the deal for me.

And then I saw this made by Laura, and I knew what my quilt was going to be. I used a bunch of cute fabrics from my stash - it's amazing how many I-spy fabrics you can find in your stash if you take a look. Mushrooms! Rulers! Fish!

And this how my quilt turned out.

There are 20 little houses, all with grey roofs, all with different fun things "living" inside. The back is pieced in the same colors as the front and seven more squares to spy.

The solid green binding is binding is hand stitched and the finished quilt measures 32" x 41."

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