Monday, October 25, 2010

I-Spy Quilt

I had been given some adorable little I-Spy squares in an ALFALC swap earlier this year. I'd been seeing adorable I-spy quilts all over Flickr, but most of them felt a bit busy for my tastes. That said, I really was feeling the urge to make one and the arrival of these squares in my mailbox kind of sealed the deal for me.

And then I saw this made by Laura, and I knew what my quilt was going to be. I used a bunch of cute fabrics from my stash - it's amazing how many I-spy fabrics you can find in your stash if you take a look. Mushrooms! Rulers! Fish!

And this how my quilt turned out.

There are 20 little houses, all with grey roofs, all with different fun things "living" inside. The back is pieced in the same colors as the front and seven more squares to spy.

The solid green binding is binding is hand stitched and the finished quilt measures 32" x 41."

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Possiblities are Endless

I'm working on a set of three coordinating pillows. The first and third are done - one is a string block pattern and one uses Elizabeth's Chopped Vegetable pattern.

The middle one is a conundrum - I've but together a bunch of half square triangles, but I didn't realize how versatile they are, and now I'm overwhelmed by the possibilities. Here are just a few options - suggestions welcome.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010

Take That, Mother Nature!

Fall is upon us - it's drizzling and is a chilly 65 degrees outside. I promise you, I'm not complaining about this gross weather - I do love it. But it really is dreary out there. It was the perfect day for my mailman, by way of the Flickr community, to leave some sunshine on my front stoop for me. After running morning errands, I came home to FOUR packages. Oh, Mr. Postman, I could kiss you. On the mouth.

My mug rug from the Swappy Mug Rug Swap was delivered today. There were so many amazing rugs made for this swap, and this one by Meg was definitely one that had caught my eye. She embroidered two little bees sharing a tall glass of lemonade with curly straws. Totally darling. I love the colors that Meg chose - pinks and yellows, and her fabric choices totally match my sensibilities. Meadowsweet! Flea Market Fancy! And, brilliantly, a print with tea names printed on it.

It is so lovely and her attention to detail is well-honed. Her concentric square quilting is perfect, her embroidery is gorgeous, and her hand-stitched binding the perfect way to finish this piece.

But Meg didn't stop there. She included in her package a recipe for chocolate chip cookies (I know what I'll be doing with the kids this weekend), a handmade tea envelope, and a lovely collection of scraps (it's as though the universe is ordering me to make more tiny mug rugs!). Thank you, Meg, for such a gorgeous mug rug and for an amazing swap.

The other packages were filled with fabric. Kelly's local quilt store was having a crazy deal on Swell. Since Kelly (who is maybe one of the nicest women in the world) knows I love Swell, she offered to do a shopping run for me which is so nice since, um, she doesn't even really know me. But here it is in all it's glory. Nearly 4 yards of Swell. *Swoon*

These prints came from Dar, with whom I traded away some of my stash. I love these prints and chose them not realizing how nicely they work together. I am in love.

I also traded some of my stash with Jenny, who in return sent me this pile of selvages for my selvage quilt. There are some great pieces in this pile, including a big piece of FMF dotted leaves.

It might be chilly and blustery outside today, but there's a smile on my face as I enjoy an afternoon snack at my sewing table - decaf chai and a few chocolates. Mmmm... Thank you to my great Flickr friends.