Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Summer Bounty Quilt

Once upon a summer ago, I was inspired by a bowl of produce. I knew I wanted the quilt to look like a bowl of veggies, with little bits of each color popping up here and there, but wasn't sure exactly how to piece my quilt. Charm squares? Bento box? Half square triangles? Eh... I love 'em all, but nothing seemed quite right.

And then one day, I came across this on Flickr. It was made using the Chopped Vegetables pattern by Oh, Fransson! In hindsight, I recall seeing the pattern when Elizabeth introduced it, but wasn't inspired by it until I saw Jen's 3x6 block. For the record, I didn't use Elizabeth's pattern - the way I structured my quilt may or may not be the way that Elizabeth instructs in her pattern.

And voila! Here's my Summer Bounty Quilt.

It's got lots of orange, green, and yellow, with a touch of red for visual interest. I used a solid orange (I have no idea which Kona it is), a solid green, which is a cut up IKEA sheet, and a solid yellow (Kona corn). Additionally, it's got Multi-Pez in orange, Wild Thyme Seed Pods in orange, Girl Friday Alphabet, and some unnamed red and orange dots from my scrap bin.

It is bound in an orange Picnic Parade print and the backing is a single piece of the Girl Friday Alphabet, which incorporates all of the colors of the front of the quilt. Finished size is 40" x 49". You can find it listed in the shop. UPDATED - Quilt has sold!


Anonymous said...

Love the finished quilt...especially love the know my feelings...the back should be as exciting as the front...M

Valerie said...

What a neat take! I really like the final quilt --- and I love Girl Friday Alphabet. I bought yards and yards of it just because it was so cute. *grin*