Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mug Rug Mania

I'm officially on board with these ultra-mini quilts designed to hold a cup of coffee and maybe a cookie to go with it. I was invited to join the Scrappy Mug Rug Swap and thought that a little mug rug would be the perfect small project - in, out, and done.

Oh, how naive I was... These are totally addicting - one is simply not enough. Though each one comes together in not more than a couple of hours, I find myself making more and more of them. I'm not only loving the instant gratification of these small, quick rugs, but they are an amazing scrap-buster. Because the finished product is about 5" x 8", they use the tiniest bits of fabric, so I'm finally getting to use the tiniest pieces of fabric that I've saved in my scrap bin.

For this swap, we were given the name and preferences of the person we are to create for, but are unaware of who is creating for us. It's fun to see how my partner reacts (or doesn't) to each rug.

My partner's preferences were for bright colors offset by grey. I'm apparently groovin' on rainbows lately - they've shown up in each version of my rug. I'm still not sure what version I'll send off to her. Regardless, I hope she likes it!


Kelly said...

I'm already collecting your selvages in eager anticipation for my mug rug! AMH Garden Party was the first one in the bin, VERY colorful!

Anonymous said...

too cute....what a wonderful way to use up extra scraps...M