Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kid's Clothes Week - Day 4

The last time I had to go fabric shopping, I had to bring the kids with me. As soon as we walked into Michael Levine, the kids were greeted with a huge display of Halloween fabrics. In an effort to get all of my shopping done, I bribed them told them that they could each pick out a print and I'd make them pajamas.

The bottoms are so easy - I used New Look #6847 for Bean's pants and Burda #9772 for Sprout's. They're constructed exactly the same - the only difference is size. The tops were from Target - Cherokee girl's t-shirts (don't tell Bean, but the slim fitting girl's shirts are just so much more flattering than they boxy boy's shirts) that I appliqued.

Don't you love Bean's shirt? I used the Jolly Roger pattern that I got at Crap I've Made. When sewing with knits, even doing applique on a t-shirt, please don't forget to use a ball-point needle. I can't tell you how many shirts I've nearly shredded using a regular needle on knits.

They love their new jammies - it's a rare, rare day when I can get Bean to pose for me, so I know he's pleased. And now, some gratuitous photos of the kids, who were being totally cute today.

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