Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kid's Clothes Week - Day 3

Last year I made the cutest jumper for Sprout using Kaufman's Cool Cords Ladybugs and New Look #6576. It was the perfect little jumper in so many ways - easy to get on and off, a dream to sew, totally darling, and very versatile. I really loved it.

Sadly, Sprout has outgrown it, but it has found a new home with a darling little girl (ahhh, hand-me-downs). I have some leftover Ladybugs, but not enough for a new jumper, though they'll find their way into a skirt sometime very soon. I took Sprout out to shop for some new corduroy and as much as I tried to steer her to a different pattern, her mind was set on these peace signs as soon as she saw them.

She has a good eye - this print is perfect for a little girl. The jumper is slightly large now, but will be perfect in a few more months when our weather starts to get chilly. I'll pair this with a long-sleeve T and jeans.

The fabric is from Jo-Ann's - their own label. The pattern is New Look #6578, which is the same dress I made last year but in the larger sizes (1-4 years).