Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kid's Clothes Week - Day 2

It's LA, so even though it's becoming autumn, it's still hot here, so I decided that Sprout needed a new dress for her wardrobe. It needed to be something light enough for our 99 degree heat, but dark enough so that she's not pulling a "white after Labor Day" faux pas.

I love this little dress. The fabric is darling, but the pattern holds a special place for me, which is why I love it so much. Two years ago, when Sprout was born, I decided that I wanted to start sewing dresses, but was so clueless to sewing from patterns. At that point, I had been primarily sewing baby blankets, which were not much more than simple squares. I bought this pattern, Burda 3026, which was labeled as sewing level 1. With my limited sewing skills, it wasn't, and my mom ended up sewing a dress for Sprout with the pattern. Two years later, here I am, sewing a dress from the exact same pattern. And it really was very easy.

I do wish my model was happier about posing, but I guess I should be thankful, seeing as Bean wouldn't pose for me at all yesterday. You can see why I opted to make her a matching diaper cover.

The dress is slightly big now, but I like that it will take her through the winter season and will provide enough room to but a long sleeve tee-shirt underneath. It'll look adorable layered with a tee and jeans.

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Jessy said...

Ooh! I love it. The fabric too.