Friday, September 24, 2010

Kid's Clothes Week - Day 5

Ahhh... the home stretch. Today is day 5 of the Kid's Clothes Challenge over at Elise Marley. I had planned to make both kids new sunhats today. It's bright and sunny here nearly year round and they've both outgrown the ones they wore all summer.

I had the fabric all cut out and ready to go according to this pattern from Etsian Sewselly. I was totally ready to go. And then I kind of lost steam. I guess I've been sewing too much this week, so I only managed to get Bean's hat done. Poor Sprout. Maybe I'll make hers this weekend.

I had decided to use up some of my larger scraps for this project rather than cutting into some new or larger cuts in my stash. This is the end of my Dewberry chestnuts and while I'm sad to say goodbye to them, Bean does look adorable in his new hat. The underside is a plain sky blue, which really brings out his eyes.

A huge thanks to Meg for hosting this great challenge. It was inspiring to see all the great work that was created this week and was just the kick in the pants I needed to attack some projects that had been brewing in my head for a while.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kid's Clothes Week - Day 4

The last time I had to go fabric shopping, I had to bring the kids with me. As soon as we walked into Michael Levine, the kids were greeted with a huge display of Halloween fabrics. In an effort to get all of my shopping done, I bribed them told them that they could each pick out a print and I'd make them pajamas.

The bottoms are so easy - I used New Look #6847 for Bean's pants and Burda #9772 for Sprout's. They're constructed exactly the same - the only difference is size. The tops were from Target - Cherokee girl's t-shirts (don't tell Bean, but the slim fitting girl's shirts are just so much more flattering than they boxy boy's shirts) that I appliqued.

Don't you love Bean's shirt? I used the Jolly Roger pattern that I got at Crap I've Made. When sewing with knits, even doing applique on a t-shirt, please don't forget to use a ball-point needle. I can't tell you how many shirts I've nearly shredded using a regular needle on knits.

They love their new jammies - it's a rare, rare day when I can get Bean to pose for me, so I know he's pleased. And now, some gratuitous photos of the kids, who were being totally cute today.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kid's Clothes Week - Day 3

Last year I made the cutest jumper for Sprout using Kaufman's Cool Cords Ladybugs and New Look #6576. It was the perfect little jumper in so many ways - easy to get on and off, a dream to sew, totally darling, and very versatile. I really loved it.

Sadly, Sprout has outgrown it, but it has found a new home with a darling little girl (ahhh, hand-me-downs). I have some leftover Ladybugs, but not enough for a new jumper, though they'll find their way into a skirt sometime very soon. I took Sprout out to shop for some new corduroy and as much as I tried to steer her to a different pattern, her mind was set on these peace signs as soon as she saw them.

She has a good eye - this print is perfect for a little girl. The jumper is slightly large now, but will be perfect in a few more months when our weather starts to get chilly. I'll pair this with a long-sleeve T and jeans.

The fabric is from Jo-Ann's - their own label. The pattern is New Look #6578, which is the same dress I made last year but in the larger sizes (1-4 years).

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kid's Clothes Week - Day 2

It's LA, so even though it's becoming autumn, it's still hot here, so I decided that Sprout needed a new dress for her wardrobe. It needed to be something light enough for our 99 degree heat, but dark enough so that she's not pulling a "white after Labor Day" faux pas.

I love this little dress. The fabric is darling, but the pattern holds a special place for me, which is why I love it so much. Two years ago, when Sprout was born, I decided that I wanted to start sewing dresses, but was so clueless to sewing from patterns. At that point, I had been primarily sewing baby blankets, which were not much more than simple squares. I bought this pattern, Burda 3026, which was labeled as sewing level 1. With my limited sewing skills, it wasn't, and my mom ended up sewing a dress for Sprout with the pattern. Two years later, here I am, sewing a dress from the exact same pattern. And it really was very easy.

I do wish my model was happier about posing, but I guess I should be thankful, seeing as Bean wouldn't pose for me at all yesterday. You can see why I opted to make her a matching diaper cover.

The dress is slightly big now, but I like that it will take her through the winter season and will provide enough room to but a long sleeve tee-shirt underneath. It'll look adorable layered with a tee and jeans.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Kid's Clothes Week - Day 1

Meg over at Elsie Marley is hosting a Kid's Clothes Week - just in time to make my kids a new autumn wardrobe.

Bean is in desperate need of new pants. He insists upon pants that have elastic waists - no buttons, no snaps, no zippers. The only thing commercially made that fits that bill is track pants. I cannot tell you how sick I am of seeing my kid in track pants.

Today I made him a pair of Oliver + S Sailboat pants. The this is the second Oliver + S pattern that I've used and they are consistently so easy to follow - a total joy to make. For these pants, I used a fine-wale corduroy in a nondescript purple-blue (oh how I wish I had a name for it). I made a few modifications to the pattern to make the perfect pants for my boy.

I lengthened the pants to full length and got rid of the vents at the hem. I also nixed the buttons - I realized that if I stitched the front of the pants closed, they'd still be stretchy enough to pull on and off and really, buttons are just a bit too preppy for my kid.

I'm really pleased with how they came out. I also added a few little details - I rotated the corduroy 90 degrees before cutting the side-front panels, so the nap on the them is perpendicular to the nap of the rest of the pants. I also used Alexander Henry's 2D Zoo as the inside facing to give a pop of color and fun to the pants as my boy puts them on.

I wish I had gotten a photo of him wearing them, but he *hates* to model clothes and as soon as we agreed that they fit, he yanked them off.

Edited to add that Bean finally agreed to model for me in the below picture. I wish he wasn't making that face, but I guess beggars can't be choosers.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Stash

Oh, look at this beautiful fine-wale corduroy I found today. I see lots of dresses in my daughter's future.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

September Bee Blocks

I had a great time with the September Bee Blocks. All of my blocks went together really quickly and was fun to make.

In Sew Bee It, Lynette sent a palette of grey solids and stripes with a tiny bit of maroon and asked for squares-in-squares. Can I be honest and say that I really am not a fan of stripes? I love the look, but I'm kind of too persnickety about them. I don't like when they go in different directions around a square like this. And it's so hard to line up the different pieces to get the lines going in one direction like this. In the end, I decided to use the stripes to make mitered corner squares, as seen in Passionate Patchwork by Kaffe Fassett.

Though Lynette only asked for two blocks, I made her three, since they were easy and I was having fun with those mitered blocks.

Here's a close-up of the three centers, as well as the signature block for the back of her quilt that the participants of this bee agreed upon.

April from the Scrapbusting Bee sent some precut (thank you, April!) blue and green fabric and asked for two blocks using Oh! Fransson's Birthday Cake Quilt tutorial. These blocks went together so fast and look so pretty. April is going to have a great quilt when she gets all of her blocks. I really enjoyed making these and anticipate doing a whole quilt using this pattern in the future.

Mug Rug Mania

I'm officially on board with these ultra-mini quilts designed to hold a cup of coffee and maybe a cookie to go with it. I was invited to join the Scrappy Mug Rug Swap and thought that a little mug rug would be the perfect small project - in, out, and done.

Oh, how naive I was... These are totally addicting - one is simply not enough. Though each one comes together in not more than a couple of hours, I find myself making more and more of them. I'm not only loving the instant gratification of these small, quick rugs, but they are an amazing scrap-buster. Because the finished product is about 5" x 8", they use the tiniest bits of fabric, so I'm finally getting to use the tiniest pieces of fabric that I've saved in my scrap bin.

For this swap, we were given the name and preferences of the person we are to create for, but are unaware of who is creating for us. It's fun to see how my partner reacts (or doesn't) to each rug.

My partner's preferences were for bright colors offset by grey. I'm apparently groovin' on rainbows lately - they've shown up in each version of my rug. I'm still not sure what version I'll send off to her. Regardless, I hope she likes it!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Summer Bounty Quilt

Once upon a summer ago, I was inspired by a bowl of produce. I knew I wanted the quilt to look like a bowl of veggies, with little bits of each color popping up here and there, but wasn't sure exactly how to piece my quilt. Charm squares? Bento box? Half square triangles? Eh... I love 'em all, but nothing seemed quite right.

And then one day, I came across this on Flickr. It was made using the Chopped Vegetables pattern by Oh, Fransson! In hindsight, I recall seeing the pattern when Elizabeth introduced it, but wasn't inspired by it until I saw Jen's 3x6 block. For the record, I didn't use Elizabeth's pattern - the way I structured my quilt may or may not be the way that Elizabeth instructs in her pattern.

And voila! Here's my Summer Bounty Quilt.

It's got lots of orange, green, and yellow, with a touch of red for visual interest. I used a solid orange (I have no idea which Kona it is), a solid green, which is a cut up IKEA sheet, and a solid yellow (Kona corn). Additionally, it's got Multi-Pez in orange, Wild Thyme Seed Pods in orange, Girl Friday Alphabet, and some unnamed red and orange dots from my scrap bin.

It is bound in an orange Picnic Parade print and the backing is a single piece of the Girl Friday Alphabet, which incorporates all of the colors of the front of the quilt. Finished size is 40" x 49". You can find it listed in the shop. UPDATED - Quilt has sold!

Sunday Stash

Mmmmm.... Kokka....

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WIP Wednesday

What seems like a lifetime ago, but was really only the beginning of the summer produce season, I was inspired by this loot that I brought home from the local farmer's market.

Bright green fava beans, firm yellow globe squash, and the loveliest, juiciest satsumas available. Yum. This bowl of goodies was practically begging to be made into a quilt.

And now, just a few days after Labor Day, our weather has turned cool and grey, as though by a switch. My summer quilt is nearly done. As I prepare to bind it, I smile as I remember the bounty of the season that is suddenly gone.