Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What Every Little Girl Needs

Sprout's BFF is turning two tomorrow and we're off for a lovely morning of playing, crafts, and birthday cake. The birthday girl is the youngest of three girls, all within four years of each other. I couldn't imagine what she'd want or need that she didn't already have, so I asked her mama what was on her wishlist. Mama complemented the crayon wraps that I had given as party favors for Sprout's birthday party earlier this summer, and asked simply for "anything handmade by you."

I'd been itching to make this darling little doll by Emily Martin at The Black Apple and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. And of course, a little girl needs a dress to match her doll's dress. So I came up with this set.

The doll was so easy to make, and since both Bean and Sprout covet that little doll already, I see a lot of them in my future. I didn't enlarge it 150% like the pattern instructed - it was made at the size it printed and resulted in a 9" doll, which is perfect for chubby toddler hands. I haven't stitched in her face yet - I'm lousy at embroidery and am worried about ruining her. Maybe I'll just leave her face blank? Too Amish?

Sprout generously agreed to love on the doll model the dress for me. It's a pattern created by Varenia at Whole Grain Baby that I love and use often. As for the print, I do love the calico but it's not typically something that I would use to make a dress. That said, I think that the print will be warmly received by the birthday girl and her mama.

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MichelleB said...

I think it's darling! And I love the calico - great colors for calico.