Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Stash #3

We all have those prints (or collections) that we totally missed the boat on, don't we? I know I could name a bunch prints that I'd love to have yardage of but are long since discontinued.

When I first became a sewer, long before I became a quilter, I worked with two Kaffe Fassett prints - the Venetian Glass in Circus, which is a bright orange, and Bubbles in Grey, which relies heavily on purple tones. While I'm not typically a huge Kaffe fan, I was drawn to both of these fabrics and made lovely little blankets for children other than my own. As I said, this was long before I was a quilter or held on to scraps, and I'm saddened to think how many precious bits I threw out when my projects were completed.

Years later, I realized that I'd love to get my hands on these prints again, but they were seemingly impossible to find. Every now and again, I'd scour the web for those bubbles, only to come up empty handed. Until now. Behold, look what arrived in my mailbox this week. Yardage!

I am in love.

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