Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello, Beautiful.

First Dana blogged about her new labels here. Oh, how I coveted them. But woven labels are a real expense and I simply am not at that place yet. Besides, although they are lovely, they aren't really appropriate for quilts. Since I need labels for both clothing and quilts, I decided to hold off.

Then Faith over at Fresh Lemons blogged about her new labels. They are so pretty and the cotton twill works so nicely for a quilt. They come from Mommie Made It, and supporting and Etsian while getting adorable labels is icing on the cake. After browsing her site, I found that she also makes sew-in labels - perfect for clothing. Bingo - I decided that I *had* to have them.

I commissioned Lisa, another Etsian, to create a little chicken logo to match my "chickenjulie" moniker. And this is what I now have. Oh, aren't they so beautiful? I am in love.

I do love my little chicken - a huge thank-you to Lisa. These labels look so nice on my quilts and the cotton twill is so soft that it just blends into the softness of the quilt.

Off to sew some dresses so that I have a reason to use the sew-in labels.


Jacey said...

Love! I saw these on flickr this morning, and I seriously adore them.

Chicken Julie said...

Thanks! I am so in love. They were a great price and MommieMadeIt was easy to work with.

Anonymous said...

love the new labels...they are so you!!!

Andrea said...

i absolutely adore your new labels!! I totally want a logo and labels for myself now! ;-)