Thursday, July 29, 2010

July Bee Blocks

Nichole in my Scrapbusting Bee asked for spiderweb blocks and sent a variety of bright, fun fabrics. She (kindly) pre-cut the centers for us, which makes life so much easier. I found that with these blocks, like my string quilt, I prefer not to use paper piecing. I just add fabric strips as I go and then use a square ruler to trim them up to the proper size. I probably waste a bit more fabric than I should using this method (shhh... don't tell Nichole), but I find it so much easier than pulling off bits of paper from the back of a completed block. I really like how these came out and hope Nichole does too.

Ramona from Sew Bee It sent some reproduction fabrics from her stash and asked us to create some modern blocks, the exact style of which was left up to us. I chose to do a modified bento box block kind of thing (yes, that's the official description that I'm going with).

I created a block of concentric squares, cut it into quarters, rearranged them, then sewed them back together. The block ended up being a bit too small, so to enlarge it a bit, I added a large border in a solid color that works well with the reproduction fabrics, rotated the square 45 degrees, then squared the whole thing off.

While I'm happy with how it came out, I wonder if it looks modern enough. I can't decide if the traditional look that I'm seeing in this block is a function of my pattern or the fabrics or both.

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Angie said...

Ha! I'm in a different bee with Nichole. I'm behind on both of these blocks.

I think the fabrics are what keeps the block from looking more modern. Maybe. Either way, I like it.