Monday, March 1, 2010

Blown Away by Flickr

Like most things technological, I'm a bit late to the game when it comes to Flickr. That said, consider me hooked - I could browse the galleries forever. I am constantly being inspired by the wonderful photos. Honestly - that site just makes me want to create all day.

After tooling around for a bit, I decided that I needed a little love on my sewing room wall and decided to have a go at a ticker tape wall hanging. Following Crazy Mom Quilts' guide (especially her suggestion to go smaller than 35"x46"), I pieced together my own lovely little quilt.

It makes me so happy. There are a lot of fussy cuts and the kids have had a ball trying to find the alien, the caterpillar, the butterfly, and all of the other cuties hiding in the sea of scraps. All said and done, it's 20"x24" and has 155 squares, all of which are from unique fabrics.


Melanie said...

What a wonderful quilt! It's just adorable! I'm feeling inspired. I keep wanting to try a ticker tape.

Beth said...

whoa, yours is great! I totally agree with you on flickr, I love the site and I am constantly being inspired by other crafters and flickr groups.

Clare Mansell said...

I've just clicked through from Flickr. I'm currently waiting for a pattern for a king size quilt I'm making, so a little project like this is just what I need. One question, how do you hang it? There must be actual quilt hanging gadgets?

Chicken Julie said...

@Little Island: Glad you found me via Flickr. Mine is hung with an invisible rod pocket in the back. Here's a good tutorial, but take care to note the thickness of your rod first.

My rod is a thin, flimsy curtain rod, so I used much smaller piece of fabric. Another option is to hang via curtain clips like this: