Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine's Goodies

The Bean had a Valentine's Day party at school today so I prepared some (non-edible) goodies for the class. As an aside, who decided that Valentine's Day is all about chocolate and sugar and other naughties? I found these sweet little ice cube trays at the dollar bin at Target and pondered a use for them - they are the perfect size to make little goodies for little hands. I scavenged the kids' crayola bin, pilfered the pinks, reds, and purples, and broke them into small bits. 20 or so minutes later at 325 and they melted into perfect heart-shaped Crayolas.

I also made melt-and-pour soaps. So easy peasy yet very impressive. You can find the soaps, colorings, and scents at Michaels, AC Moore, or any similar craft-type store. I used a combination of Shea Butter and Glycerin soaps, red coloring, and almond scent.

In addition, he'll pass out these darling Valentines (a freebie courtesy of The Long Thread). So much cuter than anything you could ever buy at the store.


Angie said...

We did the exact Valentine craft with those ice cube trays for my daughter's preschool. I don't think they could ever be used again for ice, but, whatever, they were $1.

... said...

(I fluked my way here and am so glad.)

I LOVE this. The crayons rock. xo