Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Newest Projects...

If you follow the mom/crafter blogisphere, you've no doubt heard of Nie Nie and the horrible plane crash she was in. If not, you'll be able to learn more here. I've also just heard of the plight of Carol Decker.

I cold horror courses through me as I think of what these women and their beloved families are going through. Nothing I do could ever be enough, but a little something is better than nothing. Keep your eyes peeled - I'm working on some goodies to donate to the online auctions that are being held for each of these ladies.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Instead of Sewing...

Life with two is busier than I could have anticipated. Even though Sprout is really good about sleeping through the night, I'm still tuckered come nap time (how I got both kids to nap at the same time by 9 weeks, I'll never know, but HURRAH). So mostly while they sleep I either sleep or zone out in front of the TV/computer/blank wall/etc.

I really miss sewing. I have a few things in the works, including diaper/wipes cases, which are turning out pretty cute. I also have oodles of small cuts of fabric, and am looking into ways to use 'em up before buying even more fabric. Suggestions welcome, but I'm currently putting together some soft blocks like I made for Sprout's room, and I want to get some bibs in the works. Now that I have an infant and a toddler, I have perfect size models for bibs.

Soft blocks - fun to play with, fun to look at

Until I have time to sit in front of the sewing machine again, I've been focusing on cooking, which is something I love to do but haven't had the time to do a lot of since Bean came along. Now that he's old enough to help, I'm getting him involved and having a great time in the kitchen with him.

He loves making bread. Of all the things he helps me to make, he has the greatest pride in his bread. So far this week, we've made two loaves of bread, a batch of broccoli/cheese squares, and some yum toddler muffins.

Fresh whole wheat bread in the works....

Broccoli/Cheese Squares (prior to becoming actual squares)

Totally yum and totally healthy toddler muffins

I seriously need to make an apron for my little chef. Maybe that's what I'll do with my fabric scraps....

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I am Her Own Personal Toilet

While nobody is a fan of puke, I really have my issues with it. I am terrified of seeing it, of smelling it, of being around someone who's recently done it. I can recall with vivid clarity the last time I did it (November of 9th grade). I will not eat anything that I have once enjoyed and then re-enjoyed (including Cheerios, cinnamon toast, and chicken pot pie). I will not eat anything that FICTIONAL CHARACTERS have once enjoyed and re-enjoyed. It's required years of therapy and though I'm far from over the hurdle, I'm coping.

Raising children is hard by any standard, but this quirk of mine doesn't make it easier. Sprout has this nasty habit of gagging horribly if I offer her the breast once she's decided that she's had enough. This is painful to me on two levels. Firstly, it's never cool if you offer up your bobbies to anyone and they put 'em in their mouth and promptly start to gag. It really messes with your psyche. I am sorry that my girls are so offensive to you that the mere touch of them to your lips makes you wretch. Secondly, gagging that violently often leads to the technicolor yawn (though could it still be considered technicolor if the only thing one has ever ingested is white milk?). However, she typically just gags and shoots me nasty looks before calming down and demanding to go to sleep.

Until two nights ago. She gagged. She coughed. And then, as I sat with her on the couch, gave back to me what appeared to be every last drop of milk that she's had in her 9 weeks of life. The puddle that collected in my lap was so overwhelming that I needed not one but two towels to mop up the mess. I will be eternally thankful when she's old enough to reach that time-honored tradition of praying at the porcelain shrine all by herself.

On a similar note, my little girl has bowel problems like you couldn't possibly ever imagine. While we're on an upturn with those issues, three days worth of digested breast milk makes for a large quantity of poop. She was sitting in my lap today, gazing up at me. Very serene. Until she started grunting. And by grunting, I mean she sounds like a large man after a hot dog eating contest or something similar. She's making sounds that should not be coming out of a sweet baby girl. But whatever - she was pooping and when you have a constipated baby, pooping is always a good thing. I feel warmth on my leg and I wish diapers contained not only excrement but also the heat associated with said excrement. Alas, it's then that I realize that the particular diaper that she's wearing not only fails to contain the heat, but the source of the heat as well.

Sigh. I need a shower.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Two Steps Forward...

Personally, I'm firmly entrenched in the "glass is half empty" camp. Always have been, always will be. With that said, I'm kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop, since the kids seem to have stopped conspiring against me, at least for the time being.

Sprout has given me three back-to-back nights of uninterrupted sleep. Ten hours each, all weekend has me feeling like a new woman. Thank you, my sweet girl.

And we are working with The Bean on potty training. He did a rockin' job on his first two days, tush clad in Lightning McQueen underwear. His sticker chart is rapidly filling up and thus far, we've had not a single accident. He really seems to have the whole "pee in the potty" thing down. Poop will prove to be harder (ha!) endeavor, as he said to me while straining, "It's hard for me to make a poopy on the potty, Mommy."

I *know* that childrearing is full of moments that make it all worth it, and on my next dark day, I need to be able to remember these.